When researching heating oil suppliers, there are a few things you need to consider to ensure you get the best fuel oil for your money.

The Price of Heating Oil in Devizes, Newbury & Surrounding Areas

Unlike standard gas heating, buying heating oil to provide energy to your home gives you the added benefit of control over cost.  You can buy domestic heating oil in advance and store it up for when you need it, so take advantage of those seasonal savings and price drops to get the best price over a year of usage.

Vale Oils monitors the price of heating oil closely, passing savings on to our customers and providing extra opportunities to save.  As we provide heating oil locally in Newbury, Devizes, The Pewsey Vale, Marlborough and Surrounding Villages, we can help our community to make even bigger savings by grouping orders.  We bulk order when the price is as it’s best, and deliver fuel to our local customers for the best price.

The Additives Used by Fuel Oil Suppliers

Cheap oil doesn’t mean low quality oil.  Our mission at Vale Oils is to provide Premium oils to our local customers for the best price.  Premium oil contains special additives which have many benefits:

– Save Money
Our additives minimise tank erosion and reduce service problems.  This means that you’ll save money on repair bills or tank replacements, increasing the longevity of your fuel oil heating system.

– Lower Emissions
Our Premium heating oil has clever additives that lower carbon emissions.  These special additives work to reduce sludge build up, stabilising the fuel in the tank and increasing the life of your heating oil.

– A Cleaner Burn
Our gasoil additives promote a clean fuel system, whilst raising the cetane level in your system.  The all-in-one treatment used in our Premium gasoil improves the day to day running of diesel engines.

If you want to find out more about the additives we use at Vale Oils, just click here to contact us today.

How Fast Heating Oil Can Be Supplied

Vale Oils offer a few options when it comes to heating oil deliveries in Newbury, Devizes, The Pewsey Vale, Marlborough and Surrounding Villages.  We’re a local business focused on serving our community.  We build relationships with the customers we provide heating oil to, and arrange group ordering to get the very best prices, passing savings on to you, our loyal customers.

We offer a few flexible options for heating oil deliveries:

– Standard Delivery – 10 Days
This is our best value option, as we can group orders and get a cheaper price for you.  It’s always best to plan ahead and not wait until you run out of heating oil before ordering so you can benefit from this option.

– Express Delivery – 5 Days
If you’re running low, we have a 5 day express delivery option to get heating fuel to you quickly.

– Urgent Delivery – 3 Days
Vale Oils can get heating oil to you even faster, with a 3 day urgent delivery option available for local customers.

– Emergency Delivery – Within 24 hours
If you can’t wait, you can order before 4pm and receive your heating oil delivery within 24 hours for when you need it most.

Click here for a quote and to place your order today.  For emergency deliveries, call us on 01380 825108.