Fuel prices have fallen throughout the start of October and now is an ideal time to fill your tank before the rush. Crude prices and mild weather have helped lower the cost of heating oil in our delivery area to around 50 pence per litre, inclusive of VAT at time of writing.

The crude barrel price since the start of the month has fallen by around 3 dollars and that has really started to filter through to the domestic market. We keep a close eye on things and keep our customers informed with any news on price fluctuations.

What affects prices?

As you probably know, heating oil prices move daily throughout the year and many factors can influence the cost. When the demand for something increases, the cost usually follows suit for everyone, including us. During the colder months the demand for fuel will dramatically increase as people start turning their heating up to counter the British winter. Generally its cheaper to order during the warmer months as the demand is significantly lower.

Conflicts overseas and political issues are usually what we hear about in the news before the crude price rises. When the crude oil price rises, so does heating oil.

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